Guest Comments


Guest Comments

A Sample of what past clients are saying about these incredible excursions.


“We had an EXCELLENT time on this excursion! The guides at Adventure Park were so well trained and made even the most apprehensive of our group feel comfortable and confident enough to try new things. GREAT value for the $ and I would definitely recommend it to anyone taking this cruise or visiting Skagway. It was an outstanding time.”  – Melanie M.

“We had a great time. I speak for my entire family when I say the zip lines were the best excursion of our trip. Thanks for the memories!” – Ty A.



“My entire family had a WONDERFUL experience on this excursion. Our guides, Grace & Chris made us feel so at ease and even got my MOTHER with a fear of heightsto rock climb & Rappel. Their kindness toward us is what really put our experience over the top and gave us the confidence to participate & have a blast. With ages ranging from 15-52, the entire family had an amazing experience and would HIGHLY recommend to anyone looking for some fun.” – Elissa B.

“We recently returned from our trip to Alaska and just wanted to drop you a note saying that our rock climbing excursion was one of the top highlights of our trip. Our guide offered only encouragement and support. What an experience!”  – Jim R.



“This  was  an  amazing excursion. The guides were hilarious!  They  worked  well with one another while entertaining everyone.  They  were  very  knowledgeable about the surroundings, environment,  kayaking and wildlife. Would definitely do this tour again and recommend it.”   – Rossana E.



“Relaxing, scenic, well staffed with friendly people.”  -Don Schultz

“Absolutely one of the very best excursions I’ve ever experienced!”  -Oliver S. Bishop

“The tour was spectacular! Would recommend this trip to anyone.”  -Kellee, Bill, Amanda, & Jonathan

“Very entertaining and informative. A must for anyone who wants excellent shots of eagles.”
-Christina Tippen



“This excursion turned out to be the highlight of our trip… we thoroughly enjoyed this experience.”  -Dan Dempster & Bonita Villacobos

“[Our guides] were super awesome in every way! Nice, helpful, involved, informed, fabulous!”
-Catherine Dee & Jonathan Ganz

“The whole experience was wonderful… an excellent excursion!”  -Roger & Nancy Allen