• eagle-float-1

    Float through the Bald Eagle Preserve

  • Crossing over a salmon spawning stream on the Last Frontier ATV Adventure

    Crossing over a salmon spawning bed in an ATV.

  • Paddle stable 3-person Kayaks on Chilkoot Lake - Wilderness Kayak Adventure

    Wilderness Kayak Adventure on Chilkoot Lake!

  • dscf9405-800x531

    Negotiating the Burma Loops in the Adventure Park

  • summit-lake-canoe-1

    Explore Summit Lake by Motorized Canoe

  • hf-3

    Rafting the scenic Taiya River

  • fip-2

    Professional Guides & great naturalists

  • _mg_5647-800x533

    Choose from several great hiking tours!

  • 2-eagles

    Haines tours offer incredible wildlife viewing

  • img_9093-800x533

    Native Tlingit storytelling

  • rock-climbing-1

    Rappelling on the Rock Climbing adventure

  • eagle-float-1

    Floating through the Chilkat Valley

  • skg-adv-hike-1

    Skagway Adventure Hike

  • Rock Climbing in Skagway

    Rock climbing in Skagway. Great Family Fun!

  • klukwan-dancers-1-800x469

    Native Tlingit dancers at Klukwan

  • fip-1

    Glassy day in early May on the fjord

  • eagle-float-4

    8 guests per raft on the Eagle Float

  • golf-1

    Golfing at Valley of the Eagles Golf Course

  • Scenic Views from a viewpoint on the Last Frontier ATV Adventure

    Enjoy scenic views on an ATV adventure

  • fast-ferry-1

    Fast Ferry brings guests between Skagway & Haines

  • zip-1

    Striking a pose in reverse off of Zip 5

  • hf-2

    Hiking on the Chilkoot Trail

  • Skagway, AK

    The town of Skagway

  • kelgaya-hike-1

    Hiking through beach grass at Kelgaya Point

  • img_1413-800x600

    View from above: Haines, Alaska

  • Breathtaking glacier views on our Wilderness Kayak Adventure

    Waterfalls & Glacier views kayaking on Chilkoot Lake

  • bear-on-chilkoot-river-800x531

    Bears are frequently sighted along Chilkoot River

  • haines-2

    Ft. Seward & Haines from Picture Point

  • dsc_2875-2-800x532

    Bald Eagle perched on the banks of the Chilkat

  • summit-lake-canoe-2

    Alpine granite features of Summit Lake

  • klukwan-3

    Intricately carved Tlingit Canoe

  • atv-3

    ATV adventure with side-by-sides

  • img_0897-800x533

    Sockeye salmon spawning in Chilkoot Lake

  • fip-3

    Kayaking in the fjord near Haines

  • rock-climbing-3

    Variety of Rock Climbing routes to choose from

  • hf-1

    Guides enjoy sharing their naturalist knowledge

  • zip-photo-2-800x536

    Ziplining into the tree tops on a cloudy day

  • klukwan-2

    Storytelling in the Tlingit Clan House

  • img_1140-800x600

    Tlingit smoke house in Klukwan

  • haines-3

    Rainbow Glacier from the Chilkat Peninsula

  • hf-4

    Guests enjoy the scenery on the Taiya River

  • klukwan-4

    Traditional Tlingit weaving